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December 17, 2013

IBM Security Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign-On V8.2 Implementation Exam: 000-596 Exam
000-596 Questions & Answers
Exam Code: 000-596
Exam Name: IBM Security Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign-On V8.2 Implementation Exam
Q & A: 140 Q&As

When making a backup of the IMS Server, which tool will back up this information? JDBC settings
All IMS Server keys and certificates IBM WebSphere Application Server root CA key
A. Export IMS Configuration Tool
B. IHS WebAdmin Configuration Tool
C. IBM DB2 ControlCenter Backup imsdb Tool
D. IBM WebSphere manage profiles -backupprofile Tool
Answer: A

How is the AccessAgent log level increased?
A. Modify the setuphlp.ini file
B. Set the log detail in the AccessAgent wallet manager to High
C. Increase the log level detail in IBM WebSphere Application Server
D. Increase the value of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTVVARE\IBM\ISAM ESSO\DeploymentOptions\Loglevel
Answer: D

In which case is setting the policy priority useful?
A. When a policy is defined for two scopes
B. When the AccessAgent version is lower than V8.O
C. When a Helpdesk officer needs to override the system policy set by an administrator
D. When a user needs to view policy information that can only be accessed by an administrator
Answer: A

The MS Server is configured to use Active Directory as the enterprise directory and password
sync is enabled. What is required in order to sign up from a workstation with AccessAgent?
A. The IMS Server is on the domain
B. The workstations on the domain
C. The user has administrator privileges on the workstation
D. The user has logged onto the workstation at least one time before the AccessAgent was installed
Answer: B

Which strong authentication mechanism requires IBM Security Access Manager for Enterprise
Single Sign-On to be deployed in a stand alone or cluster installation of the IMS Server?
A. Smart Card
B. Active REID
C. VascoOTP
D. Hybrid Smart Card
Answer: C

What is part of the default behavior when switching users on a shared desktop in IBM Security
Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign-On V8.2 (ISAM ESSO)?
A. When switching from User A to User B, User B logs in via the Windows GINA.
B. After switching from User A to User B, all previously open applications are closed.
C. After switching from User A to User B, any application left open by User A remains open for User
D. When switching from User A to User B, User B logs in via the ESSO GINA (XP) or ESSO credential
provider (Windows 7 and Vista).
Answer: C

The customer wants a system that provides an individual workstation session running in a shared
workstation system in order to protect data loss in the individual session for the users. Which
session management policy should be used to meet this requirement?
A. Private Desktop Policy
B. Shared Desktop Policy
C. Personal Desktop Policy
D. Authentication Service Policy
Answer: A

What does the deployment option SystemSyncToleranceSecs control?
A. It is the synchronization timestamp for uploading AccessProfiles to the IMS Server.
B. It is the threshold for the AccessAgent to download the system data from the IMS Server.
C. It indicates the threshold for synchronizing the IMS system time to the Network Time Protocol.
D. It determines how far out of sync the IMS Server can be from the Active Directory domain controller
before IBM Security Access Manager Enterprise Single Sign-On V8.2 operations fail.
Answer: B

For improving the IMS Server and AccessAgent performance, what should the transaction
isolation level be set to for the IMS Server Oracle data source at the IBM WebSphere Application
A. Cursor Stability
B. Read-Committed
C. Read Uncommitted
D. Repeatable Unreads
Answer: B

Which statement is true regarding Serial ID Service Provider Interface (SPI) API?
A. SPI specifies a set of functions to enable biometric support.
B. SPI specifies a set of functions to enable Mobile ActiveCode.
C. SPI is a programmatic interface intended for integrating AccessAgent with third-party’ Serial ID devices
used for two factor authentication.
D. SPI must be installed on every node in an IBM WebSphere Application Server cluster in order to enable
second factor authentication support.
Answer: C

Which JRE version is required for installing and configuring the Provisioning Agent?
A. JPE V1.5.0 only
B. JPEV 1.4.0 only
C. JREV 1.4.0 or later
D. JRE V1.5.0 or later
Answer: D

How is the IMS Configuration Utility accessed?
A. Using a Web browser
B. Using a telnet session
C. Using the Java application
D. Launched from the Start menu
Answer: A

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