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February 17, 2014

If you need to read and restore blocks of data quickly by bypassing the file system, which restore method should you use?

A.    Restore by Backup Media
B.    Recover Virtual Machine
C.    Restore by Image
D.    Restore by Tree

Answer: C

After you complete the Diagnostic Wizard in the CA ARCserve Backup Diagnostic Utility, a file is created. In which GUI do you view this file?

A.    Report Manager
B.    Job Status Manager
C.    Diagnostic Log Manager
D.    Diagnostic Report Manager

Answer: D

What is a Dashboard Group?

A.    A collection of one or more dashboard reports
B.    A collection of users assigned common permissions for viewing dashboards
C.    A logical collection of elements, such as pie charts that you can add to a dashboard
D.    A collection of nodes that are probed for information, which appears on a common dashboard

Answer: A

When you configure Windows virtual machines (VMs) using CA ARCserve Backup, which statement is TRUE?

A.    To install or upgrade an agent on a VM, the VM must be powered off.
B.    When configuring an agent on Microsoft Hyper-V systems, you need to specify a proxy server name.
C.    Agent Deployment can install or upgrade agents on all VMs that reside in the VMware ESX Server system and the Hyper-V host system.
D.    After you install the CA ARCserve Backup Agent for Virtual Machines on Windows, you need to perform several post installation tasks to protect Hyper-V systems.

Answer: C

The Audit Log maintains a log of critical CA ARCserve Backup operations. In which GUI can you view the Audit Log?

A.    Server Admin
B.    Job Status Manager
C.    User Profile Manager
D.    Diagnostic Report Manager

Answer: B

Which limitation applies when backing up VMware virtual machines (VMs)?

A.    You cannot select a combination of objects in a backup.
B.    You cannot back up storage area network (SAN)-based VMs.
C.    If you select multistreaming, subjobs will run simultaneously but to one device only.
D.    If you specify raw mode as the backup mode and you specify filters, CA ARCserve Backup will not filter the VM backup data.

Answer: D

Which options do you need to set for a SharePoint database level backup job? (Choose three)

A.    Backup method
B.    Backup dump path
C.    Backup dump location
D.    Backup encryption method
E.    Backup proxy mount location

Answer: ABC

When backing up SharePoint Server data using the CA ARCserve Backup Agent for Microsoft SharePoint, how is the backup initiated?

A.    SharePoint Server sends a request to the Agent for Microsoft SharePoint.
B.    The Agent for Microsoft SharePoint sends a request to SharePoint Server.
C.    CA ARCserve Backup Server sends a request to the Agent for Microsoft SharePoint.
D.    The Agent for Microsoft SharePoint sends a request to CA ARCserve Backup Server.

Answer: C

When you configure a database level backup for Microsoft SharePojnt Server and you select the Other (NAS, File) Server Name as the backup dump location, what do you need to specify as the backup dump path?

A.    Mount path
B.    Share name
C.    Physical path
D.    Recovery point

Answer: B

Which action is a prerequisite for an Exchange Server database level restore?

A.    Stop all Exchange Server services.
B.    Stop the CA ARCserve Universal Agent service.
C.    Dismount the database stores within all the storage groups that you want to restore.
D.    Make sure the Exchange agent is installed on a different machine than the Exchange Server.

Answer: C

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