CCDA 640-864 Q&As – Network Design Methodology (11-15)

January 12, 2012

Section 1 – Network Design Methodology

A network design document is being prepared for a customer. Which three network design elements must be included? (Choose three.)
A.    proof of concept
B.    data sources
C.    design details
D.    organizational policies
E.    implementation plan
Answer: ACE

The design document describes the business requirements; old network architecture; network requirements; and design, plan, and configuration information for the new network. The network architects and analysts use it to document the new network changes, and it serves as documentation for the enterprise. The design document should include the following sections:
Cisco Press CCDA 640-864 Official Certification Guide Fourth Edition, Chapter 1

Which two implementation plan principles best describe how to deal with potential failures? (Choose two.)
A.    A table of failure points, rollback steps, and estimated rollback times.
B.    A good implementation plan.
C.    A test should be included at every step.
D.    A detailed rollback procedure for each implementation step.
E.    A successful test network test.
Answer: CD

Which of these is the next step after the design phase in the PPDIOO process?
A.    Develop a high-level migration plan.
B.    Develop the implementation plan in as much detail as possible.
C.    Create a pilot or a prototype network.
D.    Identify which network management protocol will be used for which function.
E.    Order the equipment.
Answer: B
The Implement phase begins after the design phase has been finished. In this phase, new devices are installed, configured and tested according to the design specifications.

Define some of the activities, tools, and techniques used in today’s network-design process.(Choose three.)
A.    Analyzing network traffic
B.    Simulation of network traffic
C.    Network auditing
D.    Filtering incoming network traffic
Answer: ACD

For the following items, which component of the CiscoWorks product allows a network administrator to define and manage service levels?
A.    Service assurance agent (SAA)
B.    Service level manager (SLM)
C.    Collection Manager (CM)
D.    Service level agreement (SLA)
Answer: B

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