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July 28, 2014

Vendor: Hitachi
Exam Code: HH0-130
Exam Name: Hitachi Data Systems Storage Foundations Exam

Which HUS VM storage system function would be used to pro-actively resolve a hard disk drive problem once its error threshold is exceeded?

A.    Background Data Restoration
B.    Correction Copy
C.    Dynamic Sparing
D.    Correction Access

Answer: C

Which two products can be used to script ShadowImage replication functions for a HUS system? (Choose two.)

A.    Hitachi Data Replicator (HDR)
B.    RAID Manager/CCI
C.    Storage Navigator Modular 2 (SNM2) CLI
D.    Business Continuity Manager (BCM)

Answer: BC

A customer would like to "scale up" their compute blade systems as well as "scale out" to increase the number of cores per system. Which Hitachi Compute Blade technology would give them this feature?

A.    Multi-blade SMP (Symmetric Multi-Processing) technology
B.    LPAR (Logical PARtitioning) technology
C.    Blade cold stand-by technology
D.    Hybrid I/O technology

Answer: A

Which protocol is used by Storage Navigator Modular 2 to communicate with a HUS system?

A.    IP
B.    FC
C.    FCIP
D.    iSCSI

Answer: A

After a performance analysis, a customer decides to move volumes within their HUS system to a different RAID Group using Modular Volume Migration. Which two statements regarding Modular Volume Migration are correct? (Choose two.)

A.    The primary and secondary volumes must be owned by the same controller.
B.    The migration can be managed with Storage Navigator Modular 2.
C.    The RAID Groups must have the same RAID level.
D.    The copy pace can be adjusted.

Answer: BD

What are three valid HUS VM RAID disk configurations? (Choose three.)

A.    RAID 0 – 4D
B.    RAID 1 – 2D+2D
C.    RAID 5 – 4D+1P
D.    RAID 5 – 7D+1P
E.    RAID 6 – 14D+2P

Answer: BDE

What are two advantages of NAS compared to SAN-based storage? (Choose two.)

A.    NAS solutions do not require HBAs.
B.    NAS solutions are optimized for block-level access.
C.    NAS solutions offer multiple protocols for file serving.
D.    NAS solutions provide more efficient storage capacity utilization.

Answer: AC

A customer wants to minimize application downtime from data corruption, outages and maintenance. Which two features of Hitachi Copy-on-Write Snapshot facilitate these requirements? (Choose two.)

A.    continuous data journaling for rapid restore
B.    protection from P-Vol Parity Group failures
C.    non-disruptive backups from V-Vols
D.    periodic point-in-time copies for rapid restore

Answer: CD

Your customer is implementing Hitachi Universal Replicator and wants to know about Journal Volumes. Which two statements are correct? (Choose two.)

A.    Journal Volumes in a Journal Group must use the same RAID type.
B.    Journal Volumes must be Open-V.
C.    Journal Volumes must be mapped to the host performing the replication.
D.    Journal Volumes can be added dynamically to the Journal Group.

Answer: BD

What is an advantage of TrueCopy Synchronous operation?

A.    It uses journaling to manage bandwidth.
B.    It is supported over longer distances.
C.    It has a reduced Recovery Point Objective.
D.    It has no impact on host performance.

Answer: C

Which two statements describe the HUS system? (Choose two.)

A.    It natively supports NFS and CIFS.
B.    It can be integrated with a HNAS cluster.
C.    It natively supports FC and iSCSI.
D.    It natively supports FC on one controller and iSCSI on the other.

Answer: BC

Which Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager load balancing algorithm should be used for sequential I/O?

A.    Auto Path
B.    Round Robin
C.    Priority Path
D.    Extended Least I/O

Answer: D

Which Hitachi Device Manager feature will help you organize storage resources in a hierarchical structure?

A.    Host Groups
B.    Migration Groups
C.    Logical Groups
D.    Storage Groups

Answer: C

What is required for ShadowImage replication on HUS systems?

A.    Data Pool
B.    Bitmap LU
C.    Command Device
D.    Differential Management LU

Answer: D

What does the Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager "Path Health Check" feature provide?

A.    It detects link issues before data I/O is affected.
B.    It automatically removes the paths where an intermittent error is occurring.
C.    It monitors load balancing.
D.    It automatically places a recovered path back online.

Answer: A

A storage administrator wants to set up Hitachi Universal Replicator to replicate data from site A to site B. Observing redundancy requirements, what is the minimum total number of ports that should be set to the RCU target?

A.    1
B.    2
C.    4
D.    8

Answer: C

Which three storage metrics can be obtained with Hitachi Storage Capacity Reporter? (Choose three.)

A.    storage system capacity
B.    host capacity
C.    port capacity
D.    cache capacity
E.    storage system utilization

Answer: ABE

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