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October 25, 2014

Vendor: Oracle
Exam Code: 1Z0-508
Exam Name: Oracle Fusion Financials 11g General Ledger Essentials

Yon have entered a journal and your supervisor is asking for the current account balance and what the future account balance will be after the journal is approved and posted. How will you get this information?

A.    Run Trial Balance.
B.    Run the Journals- (132 Char) Report.
C.    View the Projected Balances Region on the Create Journal page
D.    View the Account Inquiry window

Answer: C

In Oracle Fusion Applications, a calendar can only have ___________.

A.    One period frequency and period type
B.    Multiple period frequencies
C.    Multiple period types
D.    Multiple period frequencies and period types

Answer: A

Transactions may involve multiple currencies that require a common currency to make the reports meaningful. What are the amounts Oracle Business Analytics Warehouse uses to store currency?

A.    Global Currency (two common currencies), Document Currency, Local Currency
B.    Currency Code, Currency Name
C.    Currency Symbol, Currency Name
D.    Report Currency

Answer: A

What is the primary source of data that is used for the Financial Reporting Center?

A.    data from the balances cubes and dimensions contained in the chart of account segments
B.    transaction tables
C.    defined dimensions for journals
D.    the Code Combinations table

Answer: A

The Receivables and Payables accounts that are automatically generated by intercompany transactions use rules and attributes in what order?

A.    Primary Balancing Segment Rules; Ledger Entity Level Rules; Ledger Level Rules; Chart of Account Rules
B.    Ledger entity Level Rules; ledger Level Rules; Chart of Account Rules; Primary Balancing Segment Rules
C.    Chart of Account Rules; Primary Balancing Segment Rules; Ledger Entity Level Rules; Ledger Level Rules
D.    Ledger Level Rules; Primary Balancing Segment Rules; Ledger Entity Level Rules; Chart of Accounts Rules
E.    Chart of Account Rules; Ledger Entity Level Rules, Primary Balancing Segment Rules; Ledger Level Rules

Answer: A

Where do actions that are configured for execution in the Action Framework appear in Oracle Business intelligence Enterprise Edition?

A.    In the Oracle BI EE Global Header section
B.    In the Analysis, Dashboards, Agents, KPIs, and scorecard objectives sections (standard and mobile)
C.    In the MY Favorite region
D.    through OBIEE Mobile
E.    Company

Answer: B

Select the key performance indicator (KPI) that provides a trend of the cost of an item as part of Gross Margin Analysis

A.    Item Cost KPI
B.    Value Trends KPI
C.    Gross Margins KPI
D.    Inventory Value KPI

Answer: A

Choose the four steps required to create and use the chart of accounts.

A.    Create Value Sets.
B.    Create Chart of Accounts Structure.
C.    Create Chart of Accounts Structure Instance.
D.    Create Value Set Values.
E.    Create Account Hierarchies.
F.    Publish Account Hierarchies.

Answer: ABDE

Which view do you use to set parameters and define the data that is displayed in the SmartView report.

A.    SmartSlice
B.    SmrtView
C.    Point of View
D.    SmartCube

Answer: A

Fusion Accounting Hub includes Hyperion Data Management, which can be used for_______________.

A.    Chart of Accounts Hierarchy maintenance
B.    the maintenance of Trading Community Data
C.    Chart of Accounts Master Data maintenance
D.    data access and security
E.    data modeling

Answer: C

Account Rules are specific to ____________.

A.    Subledger application
B.    Event Classes
C.    Event Types
D.    Accounting methods
E.    Journal Rule sets

Answer: A

Which method will reverse accruals in the next accounting period?

A.    Create two events, one for accrual and another for the reversal.
B.    Create one entry and use Accrual Reversal GL Date.
C.    Create one event and use the Accounting Reversal attribute.
D.    Create one event and use the GL functionality to perform the reversal.

Answer: B

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