CCDA 640-864 Q&As – Voice and Video Design (6-10)

September 27, 2012

Section 11 – Voice and Video Design

A customer wishes to implement VoIP using centralized call-processing. In addition, the customer wishes to ice quality and good bandwidth utilization. Which codec would you suggest?
A.    G.711
B.    G.729
C.    G.726
D.    G.723.1
Answer: B

What is the benefit of deploying a gatekeeper in an H.323 IP telephony network?
A.    provides spatial redundancy through the use of HSRP
B.    provides load balancing via GUP when alternate gatekeepers are deployed
C.    reduces configuration complexity by centralizing the dial plan
D.    increases redundancy by allowing each gateway to maintain a copy of the dial plan
Answer: C

Which type of trunk is required in order to connect a fax machine to a PBX?
A.    intra-office
B.    Foreign Exchange Office
C.    central office
D.    Foreign Exchange Station
E.    inter-office
Answer: D
Foreign Exchange Station (FXS) provides a connection from a switch to an analog endpoint device such as traditional telephones or fax machines. It provides line power, dial tone, and ring voltage.
Foreign Exchange Office (FXO) allows a switch such as a PBX to us a standard analog connection (FXS) from the PSTN or from another switch. In this case the PBX is emulating an endpoint device. Because this is a standard endpoint connection it uses two-wire connections just like a standard phone and often uses an RJ-11 connector interface.
Cisco Press CCDA 640-864 Official Certification Guide Fourth Edition, Chapter 14

Which H.323 protocol controls call setup between endpoints?
A.    RTCP
B.    H.245
C.    H.225
D.    RAS
Answer: C

Which two VoIP characteristics are affected most by codec choice? (Choose two.)
A.    voice quality
B.    voice packet header size
C.    bandwidth required for voice calls
D.    silent packet handling
Answer: AC

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